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A focus on skills expands your talent pool

Automation has been chosen over innovation in recruitment and has only resulted in our ability to quickly discard hundreds of capable skills based on traditional screening processes.

Candidly qualifies candidates by validating they have the software skills to do the job. The confidence we assign to each candidate’s level of skills allows employers to quickly consider and connect to all potentially great employees before they are overlooked.

Search validated skills

Our candidate’s résumé of skills allows you to easily identify only those who have the software skills you need.

Create confidence in your screening process

The more a candidate invests in increasing their profile accuracy, the more confidence you can have in them having the Software skills to do the job.

Connect with the right skills

Immediately connect with the most suitable candidates to take the conversation further.

Why Candidly?

The talent pool for skilled software development professionals is shrinking, and forward-thinking employers know that they need a better approach to identifying and employing software development talent. That’s where Candidly comes in.

  • We’ll help you expand your talent pool by revolutionizing your approach to hiring and giving you access to untapped talent.
  • Our candidates’ development skill levels are clear and verified by us, and our anonymous profiles help you evaluate them fairly and accurately.
  • We make it easier to find the right developers for your company.
Put true skills to work on your teams — unlock potential and opportunity with Candidly.

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