Source, screen and invite Developers with pre-verified programming skills to apply for roles in minutes


Search programming skills

Search our pool of on-demand Software Developers for those with the verified skills you need, ranked by our confidence in their skills.

Review verified candidates

Easily and accurately evaluate the programming skills of those Software Developers who have been matched to the role.

Invite them to apply

Instantly invite suitable candidates to apply for your position.

Book an interview

Schedule interviews through the platform, or integrate Candidly into your existing application tracking tool.


Our skills-based approach is not just more fair, it’s more effective

Source skills on demand

Instantly access our database of Developers with pre-verified programming skills

Reduce screening time

Reduce screening time

View only those candidates with the verified skills you’re looking for, ranked by our confidence in those skills

Screen candidates objectively

Screen candidates objectively

Anonymous skills profiles remove bias from the screening process

Significantly improve conversion

Accurately identify candidates with the skills you need, and directly promote your company to them