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Create job opportunities using your software skills

Even with the right skills and a bot-beating résumé you can still be discarded based on unknown keywords that determine your capability to do the job.

At Candidly we know that being overlooked doesn’t mean you’re not worthy; it means the system is broken. And we’re doing something about it by putting your software skills at the center of the hiring conversation.

Build your résumé of skills

Make sure that employers are able to easily identify you for job opportunities that require your skills. 

Candidly App

Candidly App

Create confidence in your skills

Each completed challenge increases your profile accuracy. The better your accuracy, the higher your profile is ranked in employer searches, and the more confidence employers will have in your skills.

Let the job find you

You create job opportunities through your résumé of skills, allowing any employer that needs your skills to immediately find and connect with you.

Candidly App
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