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Candidly's managed pool of pre-screened candidates ensures that all qualified Software Developers enter your hiring funnel 

The subjective nature of current application processes have been shown to be biased, and capable candidates are consistently overlooked.

Candidly's objective approach to sourcing and screening unlocks the hidden talent by removing bias from the process.

Only connect with pre-screened Software Developers interested in your role


Candidly instantly presents suitable Software Developers with the key details of your roles, along with your company profile. Through our mobile app, candidates are able to review and apply to your role with the click of a button. 

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Only pay for candidates you qualify as fit for your role

We pride ourselves on only providing skilled Software Developers that have the highest potential fit for your role based on programming skills, capability and preferences. You only pay for candidates that you qualify as meeting this criteria.

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Decrease the time spent reviewing applications 


Each Software Developer on Candidly comes with an easy-to-read skills profile, enabling you to quickly assess their programming skills and experience. Once reviewed, you can easily access their resume for further detail, and either Connect or Decline the candidate to signal your decision on fit.

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Eliminate bias and increase the diversity of applications

Zero-bias screening is Candidly's commitment to create equal opportunity for every skilled Software Developer who is a fit for a role. Candidly protects the identity of every candidate during the screening process so that each profile is considered objectively based solely on their ability to fulfil the role. 

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Candidly is a company whose values align with ours and their innovative way of removing bias from the screening process will improve our processes with respect to talent acquisition in the Software Development space.

Jeff Aplin
CEO, David Aplin Group
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Candidly was an absolute pleasure to work with. They understood where we were at in our startup journey, and their blind recommendations gave us peace of mind that our decision was based on skills  rather than personal bias.


Rebecca Jacobs
CEO, Anika Works
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Candidly made sourcing Software Developers extremely easy, providing me with multiple qualified candidates in a short amount of time. Their platform allows developers to showcase their skills, and their user-friendly interface made it easy to quickly identify star candidates for niche roles.

Ben Garland
IT Recruiter, David Aplin Group