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Candidly was designed with Software Developers in mind to create a great experience when finding and connecting with roles  

The application process is flawed and difficult to navigate with most Software Developers conveying their unhappiness with the poor experiences they have had. 

Candidly was developed to work for Software Developers by monitoring the job market, identifying roles of interest and presenting their application directly to Recruiters.

Only get matched to the roles you want 

Whether you’re inundated with roles, or you haven’t come across any that suit, we make it easy to find the jobs you’re looking for by only presenting you with those roles that match your programming skills and job preferences, as soon as they become available on Candidly. 

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Guaranteed feedback on every application

Software Developers are tired of being ghosted when applying for jobs. Candidly commits to providing meaningful feedback on every role to help you to improve your chances on future applications. 

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Use only one resume for every application  

If you have ever applied for a job, you will know that you have to customize your resume for each role just to increase your chances of getting noticed. With Candidly, your profile does all of the work for you so you only need one resume for all applications.

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Your identity is protected until a Recruiter requests your resume

Zero-bias screening is Candidly's commitment to create equal opportunity for every skilled Software Developer who is a fit for a role. Candidly protects your identity during the initial screening process so that you’re only considered based on your ability to do the job. 

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